Third Thursday Twitter Chat November 2017 - Best Practices in Makerspaces

November Third Thursday Twitter Chat with Leanne Nay from IU Libraries and Rich Weiland from Adams Public Library

  1. Best Practices in Makerspaces,11/16 2pm East, Third Thurs Twitter chat! Special Guests Leanne Nay, IU Lib & Rich Weiland, Adams PL #MCLSchat
    Best Practices in Makerspaces,11/16 2pm East, Third Thurs Twitter chat! Special Guests Leanne Nay, IU Lib & Rich Weiland, Adams PL #MCLSchat
  2. We’ll get started in a minute on our chat about makerspaces. Tell us who you are and where you’re tweeting from. #mclschat
  3. Good afternoon, everyone! Looking forward to today's #mclschat about makerspaces.
  4. Please welcome Leanne Nay from IU Libraries and Rich Weiland from Adams Public Library as our guests for this chat! #mclschat
  5. Q1 What equipment & services do you offer in your makerspaces? #mclschat
  6. A1 We have VHS/DVD conversion - video editing - negatives/slides conversion to digital - 3D printers & 3D modeling software… #mclschat
  7. A1 Scanner & Adobe Creative Cloud - musical keyboard & recording software - sewing machine - Cricut machine/Cricut Access #mclschat
  8. A1 We also have events, such as book folding and adult coloring #mclschat
  9. A1 We have a maker cart and offer workshops called Maker Mondays. The library is part of a network of makerspaces at IUB. #mclschat
  10. A1 We have a makerspace kit. It's mobile so we can share it with IN libraries. #mclschat
  11. A1 Snap Circuits, Makey Makey, Creopop Pen, VR headset. #mclschat
  12. A1 I love the mobile maker ideas. Gives a lot of flexibility! #mclschat
  13. A1 We are hoping to reeceive grant funding to create mobil kits that the public can check out. The kits would include science type projects. #mclschat
  14. A1 At my previous library, we had maker boxes that we would bring out and use with kids. We had no physical place to put a maker space. #mclschat
  15. A2 We have one full-time and two part-time. The Makerspace is open during library hours. #mclschat
  16. A2 I lead workshops & events with the help of my colleagues and graduate students. #mclschat
  17. A2 our makerspace is located next to the teen room and our Tech Mgr office. Those two folks staff most of the time. #mclschat
  18. A2 our teen/tech staff also offer the "certification" classes for some of the equipment. #mclschat
  19. Love this! RT @vmeyerson: A2 our teen/tech staff also offer the "certification" classes for some of the equipment. #mclschat
  20. Looking to create a space. Very curious about staffing, hours & security. #mclschat
  21. Q3 What rules/policies do you have for your space? #mclschat
  22. A3 First come/ first serve, with a staff member present at all times. Age restriction of 9yrs +. #mclschat
  23. A3 We’re small enough that we don’t have any rules/policies beyond that of our library. #mclschat
  24. A3 We have a Liability Waiver when necessary. No food, drinks OK in sealable cups/bottles. #mclschat
  25. A3 We do have an agreement that users are supposed to sign. Certain euipment requires "certification." I have found we are not that diligent in this requirement. It's hard to monitor. #mclschat
  26. A3 we also have a waiver that also includes the confirmation of certification. #mclschat
  27. That’s a very interesting concept @vmeyerson - an interesting way to get buy in? #mclschat
  28. A3 but staff is not that diligent in this requirement. #mclschat
  29. A4 Our biggest challenge has been marketing, getting the public to know the equipment & services that are available for use. #mclschat
  30. A4 Would love to have a dedicated space, but space is limited in our library. More partner units + more students = cozy #mclschat
  31. @aprildillinger All of our equipment is behind a door that is locked when unstaffed #mclschat
  32. @aplsrich Agreed! Word of mouth is powerful, but takes time. #mclschat
  33. @aplsrich @aprildillinger Do you think that prevents accessibility to your equipment? Are patrons aware that stuff is available. #mclschat
  34. @to_the_max The makerspace is open during all library hours #mclschat
  35. To help publicize - we partner w/ our local robotics team. They do our 3D printer training/certification. #mclschat
  36. Keeping the equipment visible during open hours helps publicity - especially when a 3D print job is running. #mclschat
  37. @vmeyerson Agreed, the 3D printer running is the best attraction. #mclschat
  38. Q5 What are some best practices for makerspaces in academic libraries? #mclschat
  39. A5 Strive to keep your spaces open to all! Grads, undergrads, faculty, staff & community members. #mclschat
  40. Q6 What are some great success stories from your spaces? #mclschat
  41. A6 We had a successful after school club where kids made an invention and printed it with the 3D printer. #mclschat
  42. A6 We had a young lady and her bridesmaid come in and use the Cricut for her wedding decorations. #mclschat
  43. A6 We have had entrepreneurs 3D print their prototypes for their investors. #mclschat
  44. @to_the_max Robotics team is - they talk about the library at the high school. In exchange we provide free prints. #mclschat
  45. A6 at my previous library, someone take some of our makerboxes to the local nursing home. They were amazed so we offered... #mclschat
  46. @aplsrich Love this! We have a Silhouette Cameo and it's great for holiday programming. 🎃🦃💌 #mclschat
  47. A6 Uniting siloed makerspaces across campus, including those in Education, Art & Informatics. The library is a neutral hub. #mclschat
  48. A6 cont.a few maker programs aimed at senior citizens. Then we saw some grandparents come in with their grandkids to maker program #mclschat
  49. Sorry for the errors, I should be editing my tweets but I'm TOO EXCITED! Haha. #mclschat
  50. @to_the_max what a great way to get out into the community and engage! #mclschat
  51. @to_the_max What is included inside your makerboxes that you can take out to the community. #mclschat
  52. @aplsrich For that particular visit, we used the app Quiver on an iPad. It will turn coloring pages 3D on the screen. And... #mclschat
  53. @to_the_max @aplsrich Just showed an undergrad the Sphero this morning..."This is the most fun I've had ALL YEAR!" #mclschat
  54. @aplsrich One grandma came in with granddaughter after that and they made a video game controller with Play-Doh and Makey Makey #mclschat
  55. @to_the_max @aplsrich So cool! Have you ever done a human piano with MaKey MaKey? That's my favorite icebreaker. #mclschat
  56. @hey_library That sounds like a great idea! I will use that one! #mclschat
  57. @hey_library I haven't but I've seen the video online. SO COOL! #mclschat
  58. A6 We had an elderly woman come in & learn how to convert slides to digital to share with her grandaughter. #mclschat
  59. Q7 Have any community partnerships come out of having your makerspaces? #mclschat
  60. A7 We haven't had any formal partnerships, but we do have other organizations come in to use the equipment and services. #mclschat
  61. A7 We partner with the YMCA for their FIRST Lego League Jr. program which they host in our Makerspace. #mclschat
  62. A7 Lots of partnerships within the library. Learning to highlight different collections across our huge library system. #mclschat
  63. A7 We've tried maker workshops using content from our university archives, film archives & mapping collections. #mclschat
  64. @hey_library Cool! What kind of stuff did you make in these workshops? #mclschat
  65. @to_the_max Archives=GIFs from photos, Film Archives=Direct animation, Maps=Embroidered maps #mclschat
  66. I'll focus on Michigan Makers at local 3rd grade and middle grade schools: we offer many low-cost options, and fewer digital options so kids can replicate what we bring in later #mclschat A1 
  67. Q8 What would you recommend as a must have or must do in a makerspace? #mclschat
  68. A8 Make sure everyone feels comfortable in your makerspace! It is more about creating, than the equipment used to create. #mclschat
  69. A8 The equipment can be intimidating, help people feel comfortable experimenting. “Failure” is ok, then teach them how to fix it! #mclschat
  70. A8 Consumables are a must! We like #Sparkfun & #Adafruit for tinkering with electronics. Making things light up never gets old. #mclschat
  71. A2 We staff Maker Mentors with grad students (like me!), who are able to bring their own interests to the table and motivate learners in a unique way! This semester we have someone who loves to sew! (I'm learning a lot!) #mclschat 
  72. Q9 What would you rethink having or doing in your makerspace? #mclschat
  73. A9 We have been open for over a year now, and I still feel like we are learning what is wanted or needed by the community. #mclschat
  74. Q9 We’re moving away from buying individual items & trying to buy sets of the same thing. Less variety, but better for teaching. #mclschat
  75. A9 I would say there isn’t anything to rethink. We’re still developing programs & events that would be of interest to people. #mclschat
  76. Q9 Don't hide your equipment away in a room or closet. Get it out where that patrons can see it and use it. #mclschat
  77. A3 You can only take something home if you made it, or transformed it. You get snacks when you sit down and are ready to go. Try, try again! Tell us what you learn! #mclschat 
  78. A9 agree @aplsrich - still formulating and changing based on what is being used, not used and asked about. #mclschat
  79. @aplsrich @to_the_max Word. Even if you're mobile there are plenty of ways to make your equipment visible and easy to share. #mclschat
  80. Q10 What do you think is the future of makerspaces? #mclschat
  81. A10 I feel that the makerspace will become the 'go to' place for people to try new ideas/ concepts. #mclschat
  82. A10 Integrating making into course curriculum, low-tech & screen-free spaces, intergenerational programs. #mclschat
  83. A10 Those wanting to develop a new skill will come into their local library first to see if their makerspace can accommodate them. #mclschat
  84. Q11 Any last minute thoughts you want to share? #mclschat
  85. A11 Own your makerspace, no matter how big/small, high tech/low tech. #mclschat
  86. A11 Make spaces don’t have to be high tech - some of the best have all low tech equipment #mclschat
  87. Thanks for one of our more interactive chats, everyone! Loving learning more about makerspaces. #mclschat
  88. YES. It doesn't have to be high tech. RT @hey_library A11 Own your makerspace, no matter how big/small, high tech/low tech. #mclschat
  89. That’s all the time we have for today. Thank you Leanne and Rich for the great information! #mclschat
  90. #MCLSchat. Rudie Noble, IT Director at Canton Public, I have "listened" in and appreciate your time to provide your experience and insights.
  91. No Dec Twitter Chat! Have a great month and we’ll see you again in January! #mclschat
  92. Jan 19, 2018 will be on Human Library with guests Allison McFadden-Keesling & Trisha Shively who have both hosted HL events! #mclschat