Third Thursday Twitter Chat - Open Educational Resources (OER)

A chat with Jan Woodall, Director of Libraries, Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana

  1. Welcome to our chat on Open Educational Resources (OER) with Jan Woodall @DLibraryIT08 #mclschat
  2. @DLibraryIT08 Director of Libraries, Ivy Tech Community College – Central Indiana #mclschat
  3. We’ll get started in just a moment. First please say “Hi” and tell us where you are tweeting from. #mclschat
  4. Beth Johns, E-resources Librarian, SVSU (Saginaw Valley State University) Michigan. #mclschat
  5. Hi #MCLSchat! I'm Olivia, Scholarly Communication Associate @ButlerLib! This is my first time participating in a chat w/@mclsorg!
  6. Kendra Lake, Library Director, St. Clair County Community College #MCLSchat
  7. Anna Granch, Information Resources Assistant, University of Michigan - Dearborn. Hi, everyone! #mclschat
  8. Kirsten Leonard here from the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana @PALNILibraries #mclschat
  9. Q1Lumen Learning: Openly licensed resources provide users with free/perpetual permission to engage in the 5 Rs: #mclschat
  10. A1 Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute #mclschat
  11. Another definition “Open Educational Resources are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain - #mclschat
  12. or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and repurposing by others. #mclschat
  13. A1 resources that can support affordable learning initiatives #mclschat
  14. A2 Several reasons OERs give faculty freedom with legal permissions to create/customize learning materials for their students #mclschat
  15. A2 Free of mandates in commercial curriculum. Can teach what they want, how they want. #mclschat
  16. A2 Better persistence rates due to lower costs for students. Results - move through their programs faster #mclschat
  17. A2 This increases institutional revenue – Money not spent on books so students have more funds to take more credits #mclschat
  18. A2 Students don’t buy a book and use just parts of it. Materials are all related to course work. #mclschat
  19. @DLibraryIT08 Which is very much appreciated by those students. Well me for sure :) #mclschat #OER
  20. A3 From Lumen Learning– 93% of students using OERs received final grades the same or higher than control group using textbooks #mclschat
  21. Hi Jane Feyl Indiana Tech. Fort Wayne. I apologize for delay...reference desk coverage #mclschat
  22. A3 Significant savings for students/Free or minimal access fee, $10-25, to sustain continued creation of OERs within their campus #mclschat
  23. A3 $10 is more appealing than $110 average cost of textbook. Access fees used to fund stipends for faculty creating OERs #mclschat
  24. A3 Students have class materials first day of class. No waiting on financial aid. #mclschat
  25. A3: Less stress on students trying to get the best price for buying or renting textbooks. #mclschat #OER
  26. What or where is the best way to locate oers? #mclschat
  27. @DLibraryIT08 Yes! Also, no waiting on the book to ship or having to pay for shipping costs #MCLSchat
  28. Are oers journal articles, or just textbooks? #mclschat
  29. @Jane_Feyl Most institutions with OERs have repositories of resources. Many resources are available #mclschat
  30. @Jane_Feyl Sites include Suny, OpenStax, LumenLearning, Oregon has a site you can google #mclschat
  31. Thank you, Jan. how do I know if my school has a repository of resources? #mclschat
  32. @@Jane_Feyl OERS can consist of all kinds of resources. Some are textbooks, others have articles, media, #mclschat
  33. Some faculty create their own OERs; others adapt textbooks to meet their needs or use books in their entirety. #mclschat
  34. @Jane_Feyl OERs can be a varitey of materials that can be used for educational purposes. For example, open software/tools fall under OERs #MCLSchat
  35. @Jane_Feyl Check to see if any faculty are using OERs. Your Dean of Academics may have information. #mclschat
  36. @Jane_Feyl Librarians often start an OER initiative in their institution. If yours doesn't have them, you may think about it! #mclschat
  37. Any librarians out there who have started an OER initiative in their institutions? #mclschat
  38. @EntrLibMSU Institutions can create their own. We did at Ivy Tech with support from Lumen Learning #mclschat
  39. @EntrLibMSU others borrow OERs from all over that fit their criteria for a class. Both are acceptable #mclschat
  40. @DLibraryIT08 @Jane_Feyl OERS may also start out of a grants department if your college has one - that is what I am working on #mclschat
  41. Everything I am reading is a 'foreign language'. How do I learn more about it? #mclschat
  42. @Jane_Feyl I understand! It was to me when I started, but by attending conferences, reading and talking to others, you will learn #mclschat
  43. @mwhalen Awesome! Got any tips? A few librarians and I are starting an OER initiative and we've just started the planning phase. #mclschat
  44. @EntrLibMSU Working with our head of online learning to figure out parameters - spurred by the requirement of many fed grants for open license #mclschat
  45. I thank you all for help.what books, websites, groups do I contact, how do I to learn about conferences? #mclschat
  46. Q4 What are the ramifications for students, educators, and institutions? #mclschat
  47. Q4 Huge!! Higher persistence, retention, completion rates for institutions when student cost and decreases #mclschat
  48. @olgrmac @Jane_Feyl @SPARC_NA I've printed that off and shared at faculty PD days too - it's a great resource! #mclschat
  49. A4 Educators have more buy-in to course materials, teach what is needed for the course= academic freedom/ownership of content #mclschat
  50. @kendraklake @DLibraryIT08 @Jane_Feyl Did the Foundation solicit donations specifically to help this pilot? Or did it just decide to support with existing funds? #mclschat
  51. A4 Students get quality education for less cost. Learn relevant material chosen by faculty, not mandated by commercial text #mclschat
  52. #MCLSchat MIOER Summit coming up Sept 22nd. $40 to register. Great for beginners & great keynote! @actualham 
  53. A4 It seems like it's a slightly different role for libraries, in terms of helping faculty publish #mclschat 
  54. A5 Libraries head up OER initiative in many institutions. Promote OERs to faculty and students #mclschat
  55. A5 Provide training and funding for incentives through grants to support faculty creation of OERs #mclschat
  56. A5 Work through policies to ensure sustained and consistent use of OERs #mclschat
  57. A5 Provide copyright expertise, research materials, and create repositories for easy access #mclschat
  58. @EntrLibMSU It is different than traditional publishing. All content is under Creative Commons Licensing #mclschat
  59. A5 if there is a strong interest then workshops, resource guides, and generate awareness during #OAweek for OERs #MCLSchat
  60. @EntrLibMSU This means it is available to be revised or remixed by someone else. #mclschat
  61. A5 Libraries can help faculty understand OERs and evaluate legitimate, reliable sources #MCLSchat
  62. Q6 What are the opportunities for libraries here? @EntrLibMSU you touched on this already. #mclschat
  63. A6 Provide leadership and can prove continued relevance of libraries within institution #mclschat
  64. A6 Cultivate and contribute to community of institution and build relationships with faculty #mclschat
  65. A6 Being an advocate for OERs and working with faculty makes the library more visible! #mclschat
  66. A6 Enrich the student learning experience and providing students with alternatives to traditional course materials. #mclschat
  67. @madwags #mclschat And be cheerleaders for those faculty who need a little encouragement!
  68. @DLibraryIT08 #mclschat yes! Cheering them on so faculty are proud to brag about use of OER has been one of my favorite parts of our Open Ed committee!
  69. Will anyone provide guidance, through e-mail or another format? #mclschat
  70. You can cantact me anytime at #mclschat
  71. @madwags @DLibraryIT08 @Jane_Feyl We solicited them for a donation, and they used existing funds #mclschat
  72. Q7 What should libraries be cognizant of participating in OER? #mclschat
  73. A7 Extra workload for staff – requires time, commitment, additional responsibility #mclschat
  74. A7 Must know and understand correct licensing and copyright practices #mclschat
  75. @Jane_Feyl #mclschat Of course - the Open Ed community is very welcoming & supportive! There are listservs too
  76. Great #mclschat today. Lots of information shared about #OER. Until next time.
  77. A7 Collaboration between admin, faculty, and librarians is key #mclschat
  78. A7 Issues of OERs – quality not always trusted, must be evaluated. #mclschat
  79. A7 Sustainability-keeping OERs updated can be difficulty #mclschat
  80. @mclsorg #mclschat @ my institution, faculty academic freedom, and making sure participation doesn't feel mandated
  81. Q8 What should institutions be paying attention to when going down this path? #mclschat
  82. A8 Ensure quality by review of curriculum committees, faculty reviews, policy on development of OERs #mclschat
  83. A8 Provide professional training as needed for use and development of OERs #mclschat
  84. A8 What do faculty contracts say about ownership of materials developed? Can be hard to require open licensing #MCLSchat
  85. @mclsorg #mclschat yep an example of a policy for use of OER that @DLibraryIT08 mentioned
  86. @kendraklake Policy that will clear up any questions about usage. How to let students know a class is an OER class #mclschat
  87. @madwags Surprisingly, faculty who have created OER do so with much generosity. They don't mind giving out good content. #mclschat
  88. @madwags Faculty often get stipends for creating the OERs through their institutions. This seems to be payment enough. #mclschat
  89. @madwags CC licensing requires attribution for any work used, so recognition is built in too. #mclschat
  90. @kendraklake Faculty need to know if OERs are allowed. What courses. What is required to create one and get it approved. #mclschat
  91. @DLibraryIT08 Yes, their concern is not attribution rather that they own the work and don't want to distribute in this fashion education is key #mclschat
  92. It's great to see the interest in this topic. Good Luck to all of you in your endeavors. #mclschat
  93. Been wonderful to follow along. Thanks for the great chat! #mclschat