Third Thursday Twitter Chat - Translating isn't enough: Cultivating real connections with your Latinx community

with Monica Casanova & Laura Ortiz

  1. Welcome to our chat Translating isn't enough: Cultivating real connections with your Latinx community w/ #mclschat
  2. We’ll get started in just a moment, but first say “hi” and tell us where you are tweeting from. #mclschat
  3. My name is Jane Feyl, Indiana Institute of Technology. I'm not sure what to do; this is my first twitter chat #mclschat
  4. Thank you! I am looking forward to our chat... #mclschat
  5. I'm Lisa Guedea Carreno fro mElkhart Public Library #mclschat
  6. Amanda here, tweeting from Western Theological Seminary in Holland Mich :) #mclschat
  7. Q1 For those not familiar what is the significance of the term Latinx versus Latino or Latina? #mclschat
  8. A1 An all-inclusive term. Everyone in this community is represented #mclschat
  9. A1 Avoiding gendering, am I right? Spanish nouns are all normally gendered, either masculine or feminine #mclschat
  10. Q 2. I am a library liaison for international services. What is best way to reach out to students from Latin America? #mclschat
  11. Q 3. Suggestions for getting to know our students and make them feel comfortable on campus and approaching me? #mclschat
  12. And usually in Spanish, default is masculine (like "mankind") #mclschat
  13. A3 When I was an academic librarian, I attended several meetings and events of the Latino Student Union every year #mclschat
  14. A1 Latinx is a gender-neutral term that is meant to be more inclusive of all Latinx. Latino/a is heavily gendered. #mclschat
  15. A1 The evolution of the term is popular has been championed by progressives, particularly for activists and scholars. #mclschat
  16. I work at a public library but we reach out to the Spanish speakers thru community meeting place. #mclschat
  17. Yes you have to build up a trust with those you are trying to interact with. Make yourself available, attend events #mclschat
  18. @Palomino91 you're absolutely right! The neutral term is masculine. #mclschat
  19. Many do not visit the library on their own. Works better to meet people where they are. #mclschat
  20. @argyleavenger1 That's exactly right Judi. Meet them where they're at. We have to leave the library! #mclschat
  21. We're starting a ministry degree in Spanish here, so I've been working on some lib guides in Spanish #mclschat
  22. Q2 Why should libraries be building these connections? #mclschat
  23. @Jane_Feyl Getting to know them. Ask their name. Chat with them. Build a relationship. Don't ask where they're from (first!) #mclschat
  24. Removing any obstacles that keep ANYONE from coming into the library is always a wonderful thing for the community #mclschat
  25. Libraries should build connections bc we serve everyone. The great equalizer. #mclschat
  26. @Jane_Feyl There's lots of student organizations, sometimes specific to their country others more general. I was part of LULAC. #mclschat
  27. A2 Removing any obstacles that keep ANYONE from coming into the library is always a wonderful thing for the community #mclschat
  28. A2 Libraries and librarians are about eliminating barriers to access. #mclschat
  29. A2 and the more we include all of our patrons the stronger we will be. #mclschat
  30. A2 Latinx students are coming from variety of ed backgrounds, may need help just knowing what resources are available #mclschat
  31. @apalomino91 Right! or how librarians can help and be a resource too! #mclschat
  32. Q3 What are the implications for the broader heterogeneous community? #mclschat
  33. A3 A better understanding of other people, cultures, way of life. Being informed eliminates many barriers. #mclschat
  34. A3 I believe that when a greater number of people access the public library, it becomes a dynamic library. #mclschat
  35. As a public librarian, I go to community events and am in several immigrant advocacy groups (personal interest there too) #mclschat
  36. A3 @mujergala said it - stronger together! diversity is the spice of life #mclschat
  37. Q3 It helps to speak some Spanish. Humbling for those of us who didn't grow up speaking it. I've learned it as an adult. #mclschat
  38. @LGuedeaCarreno that's wonderful Lisa! Your community also has a strong Latino pop. #mclschat
  39. @LGuedeaCarreno Lisa, I know the struggle! My dad is Mexican, so I'm half but I'm not fluent - still learning! #mclschat
  40. @LGuedeaCarreno And even if you don't know Spanish, if you show up for community events your patrons will appreciate it. #mclschat
  41. @apalomino91 I'm a "hybrid" too -- dad from Mexico, Mom from Elkhart. :-) #mclschat
  42. Hi Laura, you tweet: removing any obstacles that keep anyone from coming to the library. What obstacles are in an academic library #mclschat
  43. A4 If there’s an enthusiasm and good feeling about the library, it spreads. #mclschat
  44. What source do you recommend to understand basic Spanish? #mclschat
  45. @Jane_Feyl Rosetta Stone or Pronunciator. Does your library subscribe to any language databases? #mclschat
  46. @Jane_Feyl there are lots of great podcasts for learning Spanish #mclschat
  47. @Jane_Feyl For quick reference, I like using SpanishDict (much better than Google Translate! :P) #mclschat
  48. @Jane_Feyl Best phrase to use: "Mucho gusto." Means "Nice to meet you," very polite, always wins me a smile :) #mclschat
  49. Q4 Many Latin American countries don't have the type/system of public lending libraries like in the US; we need to "market" ours #mclschat
  50. @LGuedeaCarreno exactly. I've only seen one public library in my parents' hometown in Mexico and I have never seen it open! #mclschat
  51. Q5 Who should the library be connecting with (Individuals and groups)? #mclschat
  52. A5 Your local Latinx leaders (developed or undeveloped), if you’re lucky organizations. #mclschat
  53. A5 if you're at an academic library, student groups and international study departments #mclschat
  54. For us the community center coordinator is our go-to. She knows what the community needs & how to get the word out. #mclschat
  55. A5 church groups, service groups community leaders #mclschat
  56. A5 Yes local Latino leaders, also Spanish language radio station if there is one; I sought out the morning DJ & now get interviews #mclschat
  57. There are two student, one day conferences that happen IN. One at IUN and another more east. Libraries should be there. #mclschat
  58. @haslibgirl Yes! Church is a social center to many Latinx communities #mclschat
  59. @LGuedeaCarreno If you're lucky! We're so small, we don't have anything like that. But, church is definitely the place to go. #mclschat
  60. A6 Introduce yourself. People appreciate your efforts. #mclschat
  61. A6 Converse with community leaders.Go to community events, immerse yourself within the community #mclschat
  62. A6 Make inroads. Go to community events, reach out to your patrons. Is there a bridge? #mclschat
  63. A6 Someone who is bicultural, bilingual? Bring them into the library as a board member, hire them. #mclschat
  64. A6 Even a little Spanish goes a long way, shows you care! #mclschat
  65. A6 Being available, listening. Be careful not to assume you know what's best, but see what your patrons value #mclschat
  66. A6 I "courted"/recruited a frequent patron who is Latino to be on our Board #mclschat
  67. I've learned that you have yo convince your staff or admin that reaching out is a good step. Going at it alone is hard. #mclschat
  68. @apalomino91 Yes! Be careful of that dynamic, encourage trust. Listen to your patrons. Encourage them to get a library card. #mclschat
  69. @selinalibrarian Keep chipping away Selina. Your library will reap the dividends. #mclschat
  70. A6 Plan programs with food! :P (but seriously) #mclschat
  71. @LGuedeaCarreno I talked a Latinx leader to join our board and she's still finding her place on the board. #mclschat
  72. @apalomino91 or better yet, have them demo food. I've had my mom demo how to make tostadas. #mclschat
  73. Make sure that any library info you translate into Spanish (and I know that's only ONE thing) is done by a professional :-) #mclschat
  74. Q7 What should they consider regarding sustainability? #mclschat
  75. @LGuedeaCarreno we just had this issue - debated over using "tu" or "usted" for degree brochure #mclschat
  76. A7 Hire people, make them your stakeholders. Have them join the board. #mclschat
  77. @apalomino91 Yep, there will be differences even among native speakers. Hiring a professional at least a good "CYA" move #mclschat
  78. @mclsorg @mujergala Oh, believe you'll want to! She makes this peanut salsa that's out of this world. #mclschat
  79. A7 a diverse staff, have community leaders teach classes, ged classes, citizenship classes whatever is needed. #mclschat
  80. @LGuedeaCarreno Yeah, we had a Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Chilean all with different opinions! #mclschat
  81. A7 We started a library materials rotation. Monthly we check out 20 items to the center. Keeps communication open. #mclschat
  82. @LGuedeaCarreno Yes, a professional translator is good. Though not always feasible. #mclschat
  83. @mujergala Lot our students are older, non-traditional so I preferred more respectful, though I'm more used to "tu" #mclschat
  84. Q8 Are there certain programs and projects libraries should be doing to build these connections? #mclschat
  85. @apalomino91 @mujergala Tutear seems a little forward, no? We must be old-fashioned. #mclschat
  86. A8 ESL classes, citizenship classes, bilingual storytime. Opportunities to let them shine, cooking demos, festivals, #mclschat
  87. A8 music, etc. Host meet the mayor, police chief. Create Latinx community groups and host them. #mclschat
  88. A8 Classes, programs in spanish and programs that are for the entire family and doesnt separate them. #mclschat
  89. @mujergala Have you done all these things? (Impressed!) What's worked best for you? #mclschat
  90. A8 sometimes the parents are more willing to come if its a family event. #mclschat
  91. A8 Yes, have something for the kids simultaneous with whatever you're offering for adults #mclschat
  92. @apalomino91 @mujergala Well, let me tell you, helping create a "Hispanic" community group was a challenge, it disbanded. #mclschat
  93. @apalomino91 @mujergala I helped create a "Hispanic" group. Sadly, it disbanded. Too much in-fighting. #mclschat
  94. I like mujergalas post about music. we have so many music events in our community but none with spanish singers #mclschat
  95. @apalomino91 @mujergala Yes, we've done all these. Our International Festival has been the most successful. #mclschat
  96. @haslibgirl oddly, I thought bringing Latin bands would loosen up my Latinx patrons, but they won't dance! #mclschat
  97. Q9 What are some typical false assumptions libraries may make when trying to connect with the Latinx community? #mclschat
  98. A9 That it’s a monolithic group. That there’s a language barrier. That they’re not interested. #mclschat
  99. Q9 That all Latinx people are homogeneous and will all get along great just because they're a "minority" people #mclschat
  100. A9 That everyone in the Latinx community are the same different languages different backgrounds and that they arent interested #mclschat
  101. @mujergata re: your group that disbanded -- yep, there are politics and differences of opinion in ANY group! :-) #mclschat
  102. @LGuedeaCarreno Yeah, we all "get along." Throw in all the different nationalities y olvidate! #mclschat
  103. Q10 How can libraries do a better job connecting? #mclschat
  104. A10 Get out in the community. Leave the library. #mclschat
  105. top Latinx stereotypes - we all speak Spanish/don't know English, all eat tacos, and 5 de Mayo is Mex Independence Day #mclschat
  106. A10 by participating within the community, don't just be an "observer" #mclschat
  107. @apalomino91 Wait, I do do all that. I fit the stereotype, especially tacos. #mclschat
  108. Q11 What are they missing by not connecting? #mclschat
  109. @mujergala but 5 de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day (common misunderstanding). but I do agree on tacos :) #mclschat
  110. A11 Not just circ #s, people count, but a real opportunity to change people’s lives. #mclschat
  111. @apalomino91 @mujergala Completely. I'm just joshing you. Battle of Puebla. We beat the French. #mclschat
  112. Q12 What else should we know about this? #mclschat
  113. A12 The library is for everyone and we have historically being the entryway for new Americans. #mclschat
  114. A12 Public libraries are a great institution to do this. #mclschat
  115. A11 studies show libraries are viewed as very important resources for underrepresented and also low-income groups #mclschat
  116. A12 our job as Librarians is to make sure everyone in the community is welcomed to use the resources available to them #mclschat
  117. A12 to make the community feel welcomed and valued and respected #mclschat
  118. RT @haslibgirl: A12 to make the community feel welcomed and valued and respected #mclschat
  119. Out of time. Thank you all so much for the great chat! #mclschat