MCLS Third Thursday Twitter Chat: Library of Things

An open discussion with our library community!

  1. Welcome to our Twitter chat on the Library of Things! #mclschat
  2. We’ll get started in a moment. Tell us who you are and where you are tweeting from. #mclschat
  3. Hi! Michelle tweeting from frigid but sunny Mulberry, Indiana! #mclschat
  4. Paula Newcom from Indiana State Library #mclschat
  5. Hi there, we're at MeL HQ in sunny Lansing! #mclschat
  6. @mclsorg A1. Help people that can’t afford to buy expensive or rarely used equipment #mclschat
  7. Circulating things is great for people who can't afford the "thing" #mclschat
  8. @mclsorg A1. People don’t have to store rarely used items at home #mclschat
  9. A1. Positions libraries as part of the “sharing economy” for “lumpy goods”  #mclschat
  10. @mclsorg A1. Helps people be more resourceful with "things" #mclschat
  11. @mclsorg A1. Libraries have more shelf space as less printed materials are being housed #mclschat
  12. @mclsorg A1. Libraries focus is more on creating than just consuming #mclschat
  13. @mclsorg A1. Reduces waste and supports environmental sustainability #mclschat
  14. @mclsorg A1. Ukulele, robots, steel drum, post driver, astronomy kits, microscopes ... #mclschat
  15. Q2. What sorts of creative things are being circulated in libraries? #mclschat
  16. This is juliane (I missed the introductions) A2. Circut cartridges #mclschat
  17. Q3. How do you decide what “things” to add to your collection? #mclschat
  18. @mclsorg A3. What a library should collect depends on the community it serves and the library’s mission. #mclschat
  19. @mclsorg A3. Definitely agree - what a community needs #mclschat
  20. A3. Some libraries include a suggestion form on their web page #mclschat
  21. @mclsorg A3. One library that has a lot of vacationers next to the lakes in NE Indiana has a sewing machine for sewing emergency #mclschat
  22. @mclsorg A3. When I was at IU & worked in a dorm library we circulated jumper cables for the students #mclschat
  23. A3. We developed collection development and intuitive were adjectives on our list #mclschat
  24. @Julie_Noted what library are you with and what are you circulating? #mclschat
  25. @mclsorg Clinton-macomb Public Library. Not circulating anything until 2017.#mclschat
  26. @mclsorg A3. At a former library, we loaned bike locks because bikes kept stolen from the bike rack #mclschat
  27. Q4. What things are getting the most circulation? #mclschat
  28. Q5. Where do you store/shelve your things? #mclschat
  29. @mclsorg Does anyone interfile the "things" with books in the same call number area? #mclschat
  30. @mclsorg A5. I have seen libraries store them on their shelves in their own section & in plastic tubs #mclschat
  31. @mclsorg A5. For art prints and artwork, hanging on the walls around the stacks #mclschat
  32. @mclsorg A5. Another library has their circulating STEAM kits around the corner from their makerspace room #mclschat
  33. Q6. How do you fund your acquisition of things? #mclschat
  34. @mclsorg A4. And another library said that their most popular item at the moment was a Smithsonian planetarium projector #mclschat
  35. @mclsorg A6. Would some libraries get grants or money from their Friends groups? #mclschat
  36. @mclsorg A6. donations of "things" from organizations or businesses #mclschat
  37. @mclsorg A6. I just did a presentation on Makerspace items yesterday an a local person donated a machine that scanned slides #mclschat
  38. Q7. Do you partner with any other organizations to build your collection of things? #mclschat
  39. @mclsorg @PNewcom can probably say something about the IN state parks and libraries partnership for State Park passes #mclschat
  40. @Roadlibrarian @mclsorg All of the public libraries in Indiana were given park passes to circulate to their patrons #mclschat
  41. @Roadlibrarian @mclsorg They are looking into 2017 - not sure what the status is #mclschat
  42. @Roadlibrarian @mclsorg State park passes were in conjunction with Indiana's 100th birithday - let people get into the parks free #mclschat
  43. Q8. Do you require a cash deposit or any other special requirements for patrons to borrow “things?” #mclschat
  44. A8. The Reading Pennsylvania PL agreement for Library of Things  #mclschat
  45. @mclsorg A8. The Capital Area District Library of things lending agreement form.  #mclschat
  46. Q9. Are there any special liability issues when you loan things like tools, that someone could get hurt using? #mclschat
  47. @mclsorg A9. The Sacramento PLs lending agreement includes a liability waiver. #mclschat
  48. Q10. How do you promote your library of things? #mclschat
  49. @mclsorg A10. Wonder if local businesses would let you put up flyers (or would that cut into their business)? Hardware or sewing #mclschat
  50. A 10: have the local press do a story w/pictures. banner announcement on your website, FB & Twitter posts #mclschat
  51. Q11. What other challenges are there for libraries to loan “things?” #mclschat
  52. @mclsorg A11. When things break or are missing parts #mclschat
  53. @mclsorg A11. Probably need to take into account some natural attrition for these things #mclschat
  54. @mclsorg A11. Batteries or keeping things charged. Some libraries don’t include the batteries. #mclschat
  55. @mclsorg A11. We just got a Lego WeDo kit with many little pieces - just not worth the time to count all of the pieces #mclschat
  56. A11 Do people ask for instructions on using things? Some include links to user’s manuals in the record  #mclschat
  57. A 11: search @cadl catalog for library of things & you get the records ; Love it! they label them "thing" #mclschat
  58. @mclsorg Might be a good idea to back up copies of user manuals, just in case ... #mclschat
  59. Q12. How do you assess the use of the collection? #mclschat
  60. Q12 pt 2 do traditional circulation stats work with a Library of Things? #mclschat
  61. Q13. What other “things” would you LIKE to circulate? Be creative! #mclschat
  62. Q 13: how about local talent? connect me w/ someone who can teach me a skill or craft? #mclschat
  63. @mclsorg rarely used travel items, like a snorkel, treking poles, tents, etc. #mclschat
  64. Next month Marketing Your Library w/Trent Smiley Marketing and Communications Director @cadl #mclschat
  65. Fabulous as always. see you next month. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to everyone #mclschat
  66. @Roadlibrarian Hi Michelle -- how do you deal with cleaning / items returned with food residue? Has this been an issue? #mclschat