MCLS Twitter chat The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

Libraries Read: 1 Book 2016

  1. We’re about to start. When I pose a question please jump in. #mclschat
  2. Have you noticed any changes in your ability to concentrate? What changes? #mclschat
  3. Ha! If I want to read I need to put my phone away. I keep looking for "something" #mclschat
  4. @mclsorg Yes, and we've started reading more books to counteract! @IUPUI_ulib librarians #MCLSchat
  5. Tendency to "speed read"/ scan. want to get to the bottom line . #mclschat
  6. @mclsorg There has always been a difference between concentrating on fiction and non-fiction. Diff. kind of concentration #mclschat
  7. Actually read real books while on sick leave. Ignored devices. #mclschat
  8. Feel like if I'm not doing at least 2 things at once I am slacking #mclschat
  9. @kjanek Do you get lost in both kinds of reading? #mclschat
  10. Agreed @librarybatgirl7. Plus I thought it was just me getting older, this distraction when reading. #mclschat
  11. Do you agree that the Internet is addictive? #mclschat
  12. I get lost in fiction more often than NF. I constantly remember things I need to do when reading NF. #mclschat
  13. @mclsorg @kjanek Don't get lost in Fic. Probably paying better attn cuz I want to read it #mclschat
  14. Yes. Internet is addictive but easier now to just leave it alone. #mclschat
  15. @mclsorg Always get lost in fiction. Depends on the non-fiction. Too academic??? Need lots of focus, silence and highlighter. #mclschat
  16. @biddywink Lose concentration from age, too much junk in our brains & hormonal changes. What about the men?? #mclschat
  17. Getting lost=paying more attention and focusing, being engaged. To me at least. #mclschat
  18. Extends beyond reading.@ronhoutman posted “Optimal Video Length for Student Engagement”  - less than12 min. #mclschat
  19. @DebbieRzep Oh its the same for middle aged men. I am one. #mclschat
  20. Lost = having to reread. Lose focus. Lost has different definitions. That was mine. #mclschat
  21. Addicted to some aspects. Mostly due to smartphone. I'm addicted to dealing with notifications as they come up. bad habit #mclschat
  22. @mclsorg Maybe if you have addictive personality it is easier to get "addicted" to internet? #mclschat
  23. Good to know! RT @mclsorg: @DebbieRzep Oh its the same for middle aged men. I am one. #mclschat
  24. @DebbieRzep I realized I needed to clarify after I read your tweet re: getting lost. Just to be on same page. #mclschat
  25. @biddywink I used to so easily get lost in a book both fiction and non, unaware of time. Not so much anymore. #mclschat
  26. Heavy nonfiction reader but I'm probably the minority. Also love ereader features that allow me to look at images of nouns. #mclschat
  27. Not sure it is addiction but it's because one thing leads to another leads to another, etc #mclschat
  28. Addictive bcuz I follow my wandering thoughts & go off on tangents. #mclschat
  29. @mclsorg NF was always a struggle for me, but now my F also needs to be fast-paced, very engaging or I get bored. So frustrating. #mclschat
  30. Yes I do think my ability to concentrate has diminished since the internet became so prevalent! #mclschat
  31. Are any of you multi-tasking right now? #mclschat
  32. If we weren't used to the Internet, would a tweet chat drive someone crazy? Probably. #mclschat
  33. My concentration has suffered since I got a smartphone. FOMO is real. #mclschat
  34. does an iPad open to Flipboard, dual desk screens monitoring this chat & email, & phone on qualify? #mclschat
  35. @DebbieRzep Kind of is driving me crazy. :-) Not a big twitterer, had to ask someone for help to be sure I was doing this right. #mclschat
  36. I LOL'd on pg 14. AOL description. That was a bit before my time and too expensive for us. 96 had access in college. #mclschat
  37. oh yeah, monitoring the weather channel for severe weather too. #mclschat
  38. One "can" read an ebook differently, with built in dictionary, note-taking, etc.. #mclschat
  39. @mclsorg Undecided. I read fiction in both. Ebooks are convenient when you are stuck waiting and forgot book. #mclschat
  40. @meldotorg Had to jump back and check weather. Had a txt come thru about it. Eewww #mclschat
  41. @mclsorg When I turn off WIfi on my old Kindle PW, there's no difference to me. When it's on tho, it's another story. #mclschat
  42. Do you think we read e-books differently than we read print books? How #mclschat
  43. Listened to The Shallows on hoopla. I kept zoning out during the play back. 😭 #mclschat
  44. @mclsorg @meldotorg I can totally ignore the rest of the web while on an ereader. Am I minority? #mclschat
  45. @mclsorg Ref. ebooks have revolutionized research at high school level. They have access to so much more than I had. #mclschat
  46. With a built-in dictionary, don't skip over unknown words, get the experience of understanding what the author is saying.#mclschat
  47. I use the dictionary obsessively if my Kindle's Wifi is turned on. Hard to resist. #mclschat
  48. @DebbieRzep if no wifi is available, otherwise I will check for updates, email, etc #mclschat
  49. Well, yeah, I'm catching up on the Primo August Release webinar because I couldn't get the speakers to work for the first 15 mins #mclschat
  50. @DebbieRzep @mclsorg Based on my QuestiaSchool and GVRL stats, I would say YES! It's what I teach. I see them doing it. #mclschat
  51. More highlighting, more extracting, more searching of nouns and unknown words. (Better vocab?) I never liked dictionaries. #mclschat
  52. Kids we see are clueless to ref ebooks. Such a shame! Teachers too for that matter. Calls them web - boo! #mclschat
  53. @DebbieRzep @mclsorg My fiction ebooks are a bust. I will not buy anymore. Kids want print fiction. #mclschat #MISchoolLibrary
  54. What are the shortcomings of screen-based reading? #mclschat
  55. @DebbieRzep When I worked at a school they didn't. I couldn't get through to the teachers that these options were out there. #mclschat
  56. @kjanek @DebbieRzep @mclsorg I just heard stat that millennials want real book, not eBook. #mclschat
  57. Agreed with how author says we skim on screen. Look at title and headings #mclschat
  58. @mclsorg I'm too old-school. I like writing notes and highlighting manually, not electronically. #mclschat
  59. @DebbieRzep This is what happens when certified school librarians are cut. School libraries closed. Very sad. #mclschat @michiganmame
  60. Well, I nearly blinded myself reading PDFs on a laptop in iSchool, so the ability to enlarge text is CRUCIAL. Also LOVE Ctrl +. #mclschat
  61. What are the advantages of screen-based reading? #mclschat
  62. @mclsorg I took LOTS of notes by hand, but couldn't afford the trees. Now I tell kids to be thankful they have CMSs & tablets. #mclschat
  63. Shortcomings of screen based reading - going back a couple pages or 20 pgs to reread idea? Hard to determine how far w/ereader? #mclschat
  64. The author's assertion that a machine metaphor for the brain is false was surprising and welcome. #mclschat
  65. @dejah_thoris @mclsorg Writing the notes helps one to remember info better. ...for some #mclschat
  66. @dejah_thoris I printed off the PDFs whenever I could. Retention and comprehension were not the same. #mclschat
  67. @mclsorg Screen-based reading advantage? Not forgetting to bring book/etc. with--I always have my phone on me! #mclschat
  68. @mclsorg @LibraryL had a GREAT presentation on this topic for @michiganmame. Lots of research out there with negative results #mclschat
  69. 7 styles of learning, so pushing everything to online doesn't always work.  #mclschat
  70. @meldotorg Would print books have similar short comings? #mclschat
  71. @meldotorg totally agree! Online learning is life changing for some, not all. I prefer face to face learning and writing. #mclschat
  72. How have you noticed changes in the use of print materials in your library users? #mclschat
  73. @mclsorg @meldotorg Some learners out there who only do well with audiobooks. Struggle with print. Options are good. #mclschat
  74. Ebooks have attracted different folks but still mostly print users here. Rural area with poor internet. #mclschat
  75. @mclsorg Our circ #'s have been steady for last 10 years. Lots of print fiction and 900's are checked at our school library. #mclschat
  76. If you're in Michigan, many of the eBooks in  resources can be downloaded & used offline. @librarybatgirl7 #mclschat
  77. @kjanek @mclsorg @meldotorg Agreed. Options=GREAT. But *forcing* learning in one direction is crap. #mclschat
  78. After working at a community college for 3 years, the digital divide is REAL, yo. #mclschat
  79. Sorry .... prime example of why multitasking isn't always a good thing. (Cataloging while twitter chatting ...) #mclschat
  80. @dejah_thoris Same at public library. So many come in to use our computers because they don't have one or a smart device. #mclschat
  81. @biddywink @mclsorg @meldotorg Our students always have option to read print, ebook or audiobook. Whatever works for them. #mclschat
  82. agreed. not everyone has a computer & internet. makes widespread broadband so important. @dejah_thoris #mclschat
  83. Smart devices are increasing. All ages sucking up the libraries wifi & that's their only wifi access. #mclschat
  84. @dejah_thoris I don't doubt this. I'll bet those students did not have a school library with open access. @michiganmame #mclschat
  85. What if anything do you think librarians should do to bring back deep reading? #mclschat
  86. my local library intentionally broadcasts its wifi signal to cover the parking lot because they know people use it 24/7@DebbieRzep #mclschat
  87. @meldotorg We should let it loose 24/7 but don't. Totally agree with you! #mclschat
  88. @mclsorg Reading needs to be a priority at school! Hard to be successful in ANY subject if you can't read well. #mclschat
  89. Re: deep reading. Wish I knew. So much frustration over "news" stories that get shared on FB. #mclschat
  90. Is "reading" taught in school? seriously. it is a skill to be learned & polished. @kjanek @mclsorg #mclschat
  91. @meldotorg @mclsorg Definitely in elem. Not sure about MS. We do mini lessons in HS. Depends on district and teachers. #mclschat
  92. @meldotorg @mclsorg Teachers and librarians are coming together @nErDcampMI to share passion for reading and books! #mclschat
  93. Big broad question, what is the future of the book? #mclschat
  94. @mclsorg @meldotorg Yes, regardless of format. Print books specifically? Not going anywhere anytime soon. #mclschat
  95. @mclsorg The Shallows pg 57 "The achievements of the Western world...are testimony to the tremendous values of literacy" #mclschat
  96. To be petted and loved and snuggled and sniffed for their decaying paper. <3 #mclschat
  97. @DebbieRzep Maryanne Wolf Director Center for Reading and Language Research will be speaking #mclschat
  98. Thanks everyone! This chat will be storified archived  #mclschat
  99. Our next chat is Aug 18, Sustaining yourself with Amy Paget, Assistant County Librarian Tippecanoe County Public Library #mclschat
  100. Thank you everyone for a thought-provoking chat. See you next time! & keep reading! #mclschat
  101. Please do more twitter chats for those of us outside civilization! #mclschat